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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Food Food Processing Food Packaging Medical Devices Pharmaceutical Government Certification Body Chemical Cosmetics Appliances Plastic Medical Lab Testing

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QualiTech, where Quality and Technical experiences meet...........your way to success...

we do Quality Preparation
we do Qualification including product and Process Validation
we do Technical Services 
we do Training
we do Testing
we do Regulatory Affairs including Representation and Registration in M.E.N.A Region 
we do Regulatory Translation into Arabic Language    

we do QualiTech...
Our services is product oriented...
we serve Pharmaceutical Sector 
we serve Food sector [Farm to fork including Food package]
we serve Medical Device Sector [MDD, IVD, LVD,AIMDD,]
we serve Cosmetic sector [including cosmoceutics]
we serve Chemical sector 
we serve Plastic sector 
we serve Appliances sector 
we train various Sectors...
we train Goverments
we train Certification bodies
we train Factories and Service facilities
we train Hotels and Resorts
we train Health care facility [Hospitals, clinics,medical labs]
we train Mega markets and megastors
we train NGOs
we are registered...
IMC Industerial Modernization Center
ITC  Industerial Training Center
SDP  Skill Development Project
MoI  Ministry of Industry


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